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Rectifier / Chargers

        EXZON battery chargers are solid­state controlled and are designed for charging stationary lead­acid or nickel­cadmium batteries. The charging characteristic conforms to IU­curve per the latest DIN41 773 for independent and parallel operation with the associated batteries. Many features are added without extra cost to customer.

        The rectifier chargers have been developed to conform to the National Electrical Manufacturer Association, NEMA­PE5, The Utility Type Battery Charger, and the Semi­conductor Converters standard, IEC 60146.


  • Soft-start Soft start is crucial when your charger needed to connect with the sensitive loads enabling the smooth start voltage and current will raise to the operating level over a 5­ second interval.

  • Dynamic Behavior The charger output voltage will return to, and remain within, the deviation limit of voltage regulation not exceeding 2 seconds for step­load changing from 20% to 100% or 100% to 20% of rated output. No excursion of voltage results in activation of the overvoltage shutdown.

  • Float and Boost charge To accommodate all battery types ­ lead acid, lead calcium, nickel cadmium : EXZON provides both float and equalize charge with separated voltage adjustment over a range of +10% of U2N. With Equalize Charging Mode, the output voltage increases to the equalize level within preset time ( 0­-24 hours) after that switches to the float level automatically

  • Protection The charger includes the following protection features:­ ­

      - Input & output circuit breakers ­

      - High speed fuse for the power semiconductor (3phase) ­

      - Lightning arrester at both input and output sides ­

      - Auxiliary fuses

  • Current Limiting The output current limit is factory­set at 100% of rated current to reduce output voltage for protecting battery from overcharge and charger from overload or short circuit. The output current limit can be adjusted over a range of 50­-110% of rated current.

  • High voltage shutdown The output voltage is switched off automatically when the sensing circuit detects overvoltage (preset at + 10% of boost voltage) and switched on again automatically once the fault has been removed.

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