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        EXZON  LT series rectifier manufactures a wide range of rectifier systems for cathodic protection applications. This range of rectifiers has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of the cathodic protection industry.


Rectifiers can be supplied as either controlled or uncontrolled types:


 Controlled types employ thyristor rectifiers with an electronic controller which allows the voltage or current to be set up and maintained at a designed level. 


Uncontrolled types can be adjusted by transformer tap selection to obtain the required current levels


Both controlled and uncontrolled types can be fitted with an incoming circuit breaker to aid in setting up the equipment in the field.


A range of rectifiers is available with outputs from 5 to 600 Amps at voltages from 12 to 220 Volts.


AC input is either single or three-phase and at voltages and frequencies to suit the available power supply.


Enclosures for both types can be divided into two categories, Indoor and Outdoor. Equipment enclosures designed for the indoor operation would be generally rated to IP20, while those intended for the outdoor operation would be to IP54 for indirect raining or IP65 for direct raining.


The cabinets can be wall mounting, pole mounting, or pad mounting, to suit customer requirements, and are supplied with air cooling or oil cooling.

Outdoor types can also be supplied with a heavy-duty padlock clasp for locking the enclosure (padlocks not supplied).

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