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    EXZON Inverters type ID are a product of many years experience in the filed of power conditioning system. The units are used for secure AC power supply of e.g.:

- Control systems in power station

- Control and monitoring devices

- Solar systems

- Data processing systems

  The inverter uses the Insulated Gate Bi-polar Transistors (IGBT’s) to produce a pure sine wave and combined with the microprocessor based design to provide tight regulation, Low THD, quick dynamic response and high accuracy output frequency synchronized to line voltage. A front mimic display is provided to monitor operation and alarm.

  The output harmonic distortion (THD) was controlled by a Pattern Pulse Width Modulation controller (PPWM) and an output filter to maintain THD of the output voltage to the specified limits. The inverter input and output have surge protection to ensure in the event that there are surges or spikes voltage pass through the line.

Dowload Catalogue

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